Art and community

Co-run WRAP, a project synonymouswith the address at Møllendalsveien 58 in Bergen. Wrap is dedicated to improving and nuturing the conditions for independent interdisciplinary art production and dissemination. With Leo Preston as part of the artistic partnership History Disposal Unit.


I will do a site sensitive choreography and movement work, "Møllendalselven", which will be part of a new interdisciplinary collaboration, taking its startingpoint from the 24 piece concert-installation "Speaker Park" and a new composition for this installation by Owen Weaver and Leo Preston. This work is a comission for the first Speaker Park Symposium, taking place in November 2022.


Three manifastations of "Sonisk Selskap" is a collaboration with Leo Preston as part of the artistic partnership and curatorship History Disposal Unit. Sonisk Selskap collaborates with a variety of musicians, technicians and dancers from ImproLaBergen. The project result in an open event with improvised music and dance, using a variety of rooms at Wrap as the arena, and communicating it all in realtime through to the space where the audience is. I am responsible for creating choreographic scores for three danceimprovisations, and also inviting other danceartists to do so. I also curate the spaces for the danceimprovisations, and take part in the improvisations.